My Music Highlights – 27/03/17

Although I remembered that yesterday was Mothering Sunday I somehow managed to forget that it was Sunday yesterday… Apologies for missing my Sunday Music Highlight slot, it’s just going to have to happen on a Monday this week.

Writer’s Music Highlight

I actually had to double check I hadn’t already featured this one in my weekly highlights. After leaving my phone on shuffle for a long journey I was reminded of the track and couldn’t believe I’d forgotten it. The piece was instrumental in writing certain sections of the Closer To The CoreThis week’s musical inspiration for you is Cry by a chap named Thomas Bergersen.

Though this is slightly cheating because he’s also the guy behind Two Steps From Hell. (Regularly readers will know I already featured them in Writer’s Music Highlight – 05/02/17)

Musical Positivity

I literally know nothing about this song except I heard it once, liked it and put it on my phone. I think at the time I looked into more of the artist’s work but obviously I didn’t find much I particularly liked because I don’t have anything else by Katie Herzig.

S. Hansen


Missed last weeks? Check it out here – The Music Highlights – 19/03/17


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