Building On Buildings And Euro-Mexican Cuisine

Well I spent more than an hour on my painting today, however the second was also spent on the phone to my mother. It being mother’s day I thought I better phone her but I multi-tasked and did some painting too. So the difference between yesterday and today is somewhat more substantial but I still wouldn’t recommend writing home about it, it would be a short letter.

Qashmar landscape and buildings

As for the rest of my day… it’s been pretty unblogworthy. Unless you count my dinner which was a culinary creation for which the world will one day thank me. I’m pretty sure the Fajita Pie will start a new culinary trend that I will for now dub Euro-Mexican cuisine. I’m really not sure who invented the pie, it may be one of those mysteries we never get to the bottom of. One day I will perhaps host a dinner party, invite Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple, Poirot, Velma from Scooby-Doo (because she’s the brains of the outfit) and Sherlock Holmes. I’ll serve up Fajita Pie and ask them to solve a simple riddle. Who invented pie? Wikipedia told me it was the Greeks, but did they really? Maybe it was someone else before them…

Anyway, I’ve been gaming all day. Still not completed the game because I’m easily distracted and love me some collectables… The fact that I’m still playing it rather than whining about how disappointing it is should give you some indication as to how good I think the game is. However I’ll get around to doing a spoiler-less review when I’m actually done. Never review a game before it’s finished. I kinda liked the last Mass Effect game until the last third of the game and then I just spent my time hoping it would get better until it ended and didn’t… Lesson learned.

S. Hansen

PS it wasn’t until I tried finding a gif for today that I realised how much Americans seem to ignore the existence of the savoury pie. Are you guys okay? That’s gotta be a mental struggle…


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