Painting Building Blocks & My Ninja Training

Right I’ll get the slight disappointment of my art work out of the way first. I committed my first hour or so of the day to painting and apparently I moved veeery slowly because all I got done was some building blocks…

Qashmar landscape and building block

There will of course be a lot more to come on that one. But I have a feeling it’s going to be pretty slow progress.

Today I went on a adventure (two if you count my continued exploration of Andromeda). A combination of gaming and depression has left me somewhat dishevelled looking and I didn’t make matters any better once I had outfitted myself for the adventure. It turns out when you pair your biggest and most comfortable hoody with your biggest and most comfortable trousers and then slip on your no shoelaces required comfy shoes without any regard for colour coordination what you end up with is a monstrosity. But I boldly opened my front door nonetheless. I squinted into the surprisingly sunny day (I keep my blinds closed because otherwise passing bus passengers can see in my flat and it’s weird) I had not expected fine weather. I was somewhat over dressed for warm weather, but I was still wearing my pyjamas underneath so there was no going back now. I ventured on!

I had forgotten that not only was it Saturday, it was the Saturday before Mother’s day… There were people everywhere and most commonly in my way. All proudly carrying flowers like no one before them had thought to get flowers for their mother, like their mother would be so thrilled to receive a five pound bouquet of flowers that she wouldn’t mind not seeing them for the rest of the year. And I fearlessly side stepped them.

I marched straight into the supermarket, collected my items and would have been out in two minutes flat. Had it not been for all those muppets who think they can self scan but actually need assistance every five seconds… But I got in, got out and didn’t talk to anyone. Nice and clean like a ninja. Except I’m not at all clean, like I said dishevelled. Quickstepped back to my flat and slammed the door shut on the outside world once more. What an adventure it was though. I could have died!

S. Hansen


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