A Little Distracted

So my favourite gaming franchise dropped a new game today. It would be an understatement to say that I’ve played it a bit already. Woke up at half past eight (which is damn early considering I work nights) and waited for the postman like a kid waiting for Santa. The postman was on point today because he turned up at about 9 leaving me to excitedly begin the downloading process. Yeah I bought a code in a box so I could then download it. I don’t understand either but I really wanted something physical to go on my games shelf.

And I’ve been playing ever since it hit 42% and was ready to start playing. But not wanting to disappoint you by not gracing your reader with my beautiful artwork…. I have done a 5 minute doodle while I cook my dinner… It’s not going to be hanging in any galleries but it’s a pretty good representation of my day.

me today

I’ll make more of an effort tomorrow I promise, but I really wanted to play and it was exciting. Not pee myself exciting yet but maybe we’re getting there?



8 thoughts on “A Little Distracted

  1. Joonas Kopponen

    Ah.. Such excitement is lovely! Enjoy the game to it’s fullest! I would love a review too. I feel the same way Mindfump does and mean it honestly as well. 🙂

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