The Metaphorical Saddle

I took a break from self teaching digital art while I went home for a while. Which, considering I neither had the time or equipment to do it, was fair enough. But then when I got back I didn’t exactly jump right back to it. If getting back in the saddle were a metaphor for writing my blog posts and painting then I lazily waddled over towards the horse, decided it smelled and looked a bit untamed, and chose to take a nap in the nearby hay barn instead.

You might think but S didn’t you write some posts once you got back? Why yes, yes I did. Not long after starting my nap in the barn the stable boy popped up, kicked me and told me I had to move the horse. I tentatively got on the kind of wild looking horse and moved it a few paces. It reared, threw me off and I bruised my bum. I moved it like the stable boy asked… he didn’t say how far I had to move it. And went back to napping in the barn.

It’s been a pretty good nap in the barn but hay does start to scratch and cause itching after a while. I need to start the horse taming process again. Last night, unable to sleep, I tapped away on my laptop and came up with a reasonable post and inspired by one of it’s topics I got to work on some painting today.

Graffiti s hansen

I’m pretty proud of it but it took me about two hours so I’m clearly still learning…

Hopefully now that I’m sitting comfortably back on that saddle the horse doesn’t get any crazy ideas because my bum is still bruised from the last fall. Thanks to Mindfump for giving me a leg up, it was the outstretched hand I needed.



27 thoughts on “The Metaphorical Saddle

      1. Yeah, for all animals really. Cuba was a lovely place to go but their animal care was pretty poor. The dolphin place was a depressing brown cesspool with obviously beaten dolphins.
        I also fed a stray cat that had a litter of kitten near the hotel while I was there… They don’t like dogs and cats in the same way some countries do.

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      2. Well it’s more that people come first, when you can hardly afford to feed yourself you don’t take on a family pet. No matter how sad they look.
        I’veh ad long chats with Cubans, they are good people and parts of their communist society work well but they are poor and do what they can to look after their families rather than the animals.

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      3. Yes, I can appreciate that… it’s a brutal type of pragmatism, I suppose? It’s difficult to fully appreciate unless you’ve been there, like you have.
        Thanks for the enlightenment, mon ami. Food for thought. πŸ™‚

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      4. Joonas Kopponen

        Very understandable and natural to look out for your own first. Sad they can’t help more with lessening suffering of others. =/ Suffering of any living creature is sad, however in some cases especially with humans it can lead to good things too.

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  1. Always a welcome sight to see a post from you Hansen, although once again I didn’t see it in my feed…

    As for the artwork it is top notch, I may need to employ your skills for some post artwork. It actually reminded me of an old website I used to love growing up called ‘zewall’ it was a mock french graffiti site with a literal endless wall and a basic graffiti painter. The artwork on there was just astounding, well ahead of its time. I would send a link but I just check and the site has now closed down.

    Another site that reminded me of though, which has nothing to do with graffiti but is digital artwork. was Digital Blasphemy. A really old website which you will see from the design. I used to get well excited over each new one this person used to create and a bit of research shows they’re still online.

    Enjoy and welcome back.

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    1. Thanks πŸ˜€
      the kind of work I just saw on digital blasphemy may be somewhat further down the road on my art journey… it’s bloody amazing.
      I’ve been merrily working on a completely different piece this evening as well. Probably got something to do with the fact I need to write 2,500 words for work tomorrow and I can’t be bothered…

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      1. Started out as a doodle, now I think I’ll use it on a post. Though as I haven’t asked you to write the guest blog post yet I may not… πŸ˜›
        Your nearing on 1000 followers and was going to ask you to write a post about what it’s like to suffer from mental health issues while so many people are telling you you’re wonderful.

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      2. Looking forward to seeing it! haha, well that is very flattering although I don’t think it is entirely true. I still haven’t written any words for your other project. My world has been done for weeks but every time I sit down to write nothing seems to flow, so I delete and start again. You’re welcome to have the world but I think without words it will seem arbitrary. It is abstract.

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      3. I think I just finished it. Though I may go back and edit it later, who knows.
        Not to worry about your world. I understand the struggles of writer’s block, it can be very specific at times πŸ˜›

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  2. Joonas Kopponen

    Hey S Hansen! πŸ™‚ I have been away, avoiding writing for reasons you can check from my newest post. A nice, entertaining and interesting post! πŸ™‚ It took a while to answer to your email so you probably didn’t notice me answering. Hope to talk with you like that way too soon again though!

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    1. Will check my back log, I can be a bit crap at checking emails since I started following this blog that posted way too often and even though I unfollowed I still get a shit tonne of email notifications about their posts :/

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      1. Joonas Kopponen

        In settings I think you can modify what emails you get. Though you probably have done that already. πŸ™‚ Hope you can find it and the one I will be sending if you want to see what I have written so far with my own book/story/what ever it will end up to be.

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