The Music Highlights – 19/03/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

I was doing some research quite some time ago to find some unusual instruments. I figured that listening to musical sounds I was unfamiliar with would help me out when creating unfamiliar worlds. It worked so I’ll share one of my favourite discoveries from the research. The Hang (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a hang drum). Before you get too excited and decide you’re going to take up this lovely instrument, they run at about £1500 a pop…


Musical Positivity

I sort of apologise in advance because this song will get stuck in your head. But on the other hand it’s an amazing song… I love the bad lip reading videos most of the time but obviously they are made even better when they are the Star Wars ones.

Watch out for seagulls when you go to the beach everyone. Don’t forget to get silly have fun when you can.

S. Hansen


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