My Music Highlights – 12/03/17

The Writer’s Music Highlight

The XX are great at creating the kind of music I can listen to while writing. Whether it’s just music that doesn’t distract me from my general writing, or music that evokes an emotion in me. It’s a shame that my favourite of their tracks is also the shortest.

There’s a kind of trepidation and anxiety of the big moment that looms on the horizon. So I’ve always found it pretty helpful for writing those build up moments but music is subjective so you may feel differently.

Musical Positivity

The question is, is this only a happy song for me because it always reminds me of Matilda? I can’t hear this song and not thing of tiny Matilda making her own pancakes for breakfast and merrily trundling off to the library. I kind of want to go and watch that now… which will make me smile, so job well done me!

S. Hansen

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8 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 12/03/17

  1. It makes sense: some songs used in films have an added joy (or indeed, sinisterness) depending on the filmic context in which they’re delivered. These things make a big impression on us when we’re young.
    Thanks for introducing me to the XX: will listen when I’ve got the place to myself. 🙂

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