Adventurous Gifts

Being at home seems to have temporarily sapped all my imagination… I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, my brain power is being used for other things. But without a bit of imagination and creativity it’s pretty tough going coming up with an interesting idea for a blog post. However, the trip home and the view from my window has reminded me of my Christmas trip just gone, so I’ll regale you with a little tale from that.

I’ve been pretty poor over the past 9 months or so for one reason or another. Prior to this past Christmas my family could have relied on me to be the big spender at Christmas time. I love giving gifts, I get a real kick out of finding something someone I love would really enjoy and giving it to them, no matter the cost. Thanks to my siblings penchant for games and their similarity to me this has usually meant some pretty pricey gaming merchandise. But with funds a bit tighter I was kind of disappointed with what I could afford to buy.

Determined to continue my reign as best present giver I got creative with arts and crafts. This year the art of gift giving would become a part of the gift for two of the Hansen siblings. A and O Hansen are big fans of Fallout (if you’re not a video gamer, that’s a game set in a dystopian world that assumes Earth went to shit after an economic boom thanks to nuclear power. A big war started, nuclear bombs destroyed everything and some people lived in vaults for a very long time). So in order to give them their Vault Tec Boy T-shirts and Big Guns Bobbleheads I set up our very own Fallout map.

Using my extensive knowledge of my parents land I drew up a Pip Boy style map (a lot of green was required) and planned an ideal route for them to take. Ideal routes exist in Fallout too, but the chances of you doing it are slim to none… eager to keep it true to the game I gave them zero clues as to the ideal route. I made them their very own grubby and worn looking cartons of dirty water… and a tato.

So come Christmas I had carefully plonked a few objects of interest around the many outbuildings and points of interest on my parents land. And I proudly handed them brown paper bags containing nothing but the water, a tato and a map. Because everyone knows that all good Fallout adventures begin with a shit present right? I pulled my phone out, turned on the Fallout style Christmas music playlist I had selected and became their very own Pip Boy. Dressed up one of the dogs to be Dogmeat (easily done with a neckerchief), told them they’d been sent out of the vault to search for old military rations at an old base.

I internally chuckled as they went to the tree house in the woods not realising I had hidden the key to it much closer to the house…

I can’t remember the exact premise of my real life game for them but I remember I had gotten a hold of some military ration packs and left them guarded by one of the dogs. To get past the dog they’d need big guns (the bobbleheads) which were locked away in the tree house.

At the end of the tromp around the Hansen Fallout Christmas adventure our stand in Dogmeat had gotten pretty wet and muddy but I hope that my siblings had a lot of fun with it. I certainly did. I would definitely consider doing something like that again. Maybe K would like a Farscape themed adventure…



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