The Anti-Social Birthday

I come from a family of anti-socialites (if that isn’t a word I’m coining it). We are people who get little enjoyment from big social events and our friendship groups are close and small. And like I’ve said before I have successfully isolated myself from all friendships. Crowded places aren’t my thing even before I consider the anxiety brought on by my depression. Going to a club/bar/hip and or cool night life place, does not appeal to me at all.

Alcohol is something I consume about twice a year, Christmas and a varying date in May. In May there’s a a little something special called The Eurovision Song Contest… which not only requires alcohol to get through but is the basis for a spectacular drinking game. With this confession, I think it would be fair to say I’m not a heavy drinker.

So the typical young twenty something birthday celebration is not really suited to me. Which begs the question, what does an anti-social virtually teetotal depressed person do for their birthday?

Well (excuse me one moment while I ignore you, my cat says I must love her… I had to leave her behind when I left home and she is pretty needy when I visit now). I’m not sure I have the definitive answer to the question. But what I can tell you is what I did. It was a pretty pleasant evening.

After travelling home to visit my parents and K. Hansen (sadly that was the largest Hansen gathering that could be mustered what with work schedules), I spent a few hours chatting with them, catching up and generally enjoying the kind of conversation I find it so hard to find elsewhere. Then I got to have some of my favourite foods for dinner (fajitas and lemon meringue pie, not on the same plate because unless you are A. Hansen you probably think that sounds gross, I jest, but A did rather like it when mum accidentally served up homemade barbecue sauce on vanilla ice cream instead of the homemade chocolate sauce…) And for the entertainment of the evening? K and I delved into the family collection of board games. It’s a very old collection, one that’s been added to in several countries so it’s quite varied in style but has a large number of travel and trade based games. I’m pretty sure we are going to get through a few of the board games while I’m visiting but last night we played a game my parents picked up in England a long before the Euro was even imagined as a currency. My family and I skipped across the globe (me somewhat less so because I seemed inept at getting to the transport hubs) exchanging currencies and collecting souvenirs in Travel Go.

Perhaps not the most exciting sounding birthday celebration to have ever occurred. But it wasn’t stressful, I didn’t have to socialise with people I didn’t want to and I was relaxed, maybe even happy…

That combined with the persistent love of my  cat certainly makes for a good birthday. Chilled and wonderful.



22 thoughts on “The Anti-Social Birthday

  1. Sounds like my ideal birthday – I also rarely drink and don’t enjoy a lot of peoples company. So I am right there with you. Happy Birthday friend. I should also say that one birthday I moved to Finland 2 days before, it was -40 outside and no one else was in the apartment and I had no internet. It was dark for 22 hours of the day, I didn’t know where I was and I couldn’t find a supermarket. So I just stayed in and had a bag of nuts. Birthdays are over rated.

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      1. Also Buffy would like me to send you a happy birthday message as he is trying, so far in vein, to post on your page. So Happy birthday from buffy! Unless he managed to post already and you now have way too many happy birthday messages. Its strictly 1 per person.

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  2. I’ve had people-filled boozy rollercoaster birthdays and tumbleweed-quiet birthdays… and at my grand old age, Hans, I will say that ‘chilled and wonderful’ birthdays are the very best kind.
    Many Happy Returns. 😀


      1. Ah, thank you… haha at least the comments went SOMEWHERE [!]
        Yes, I’m very well if I might say. All the bad stuff’s at low levels — which I’m always thankful for.
        Keep taking it easy, mon ami. 🙂

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