On The Look Out For A Pot Of Gold

Just a short post today because although my mood isn’t too bad my physical health isn’t doing so great today.

I woke up, still with a headache, saw a solitary magpie, fell over, rolled my ankle, grazed my knees, still got writer’s block and the cleaning fairies still haven’t swung by to tidy my flat. That solitary magpie is looking less like superstition and a lot more like a prophecy…

But somehow I’m actually in a pretty good mood, I’ll call it the Birthday upbeats because I really am looking forward to Thursday 😀

Anyway although I haven’t managed to come up with anything to write well about I did stick to my goal of painting a picture everyday.


Added the rainbow because if superstitions are about to start coming true I’d really like to find a pot of gold… Hope everyone else is having a slightly luckier day than me.

Don’t forget I’m still looking for people to put their personalities to the test in Who Are You? (I want to collect up the results and do something clever with them… although not sure what yet)



3 thoughts on “On The Look Out For A Pot Of Gold

    1. I’ll admit I’m very pleased with how quickly I’m learning to use the tablet but as with any creative type I’ll always look at my own work pretty damn critically. It kind of reminds me of those times at university when the lecturer would make us compare our essays with a neighbours, we’d be positive and upbeat about the other persons and just savage on our own work 😛

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