My Unmade Bed

Still practicing that art stuff. It’s very calming to just have a sit down and create something, even more so when you know there’ll be no mess to clean up afterwards. I woke up today with an awful headache that has so far showed no signs of subsiding. But I forgot my head even hurt while I was completely distracted doing some painting.

Technically even before I started doing this painting stuff I was already an artist who did art on a daily basis… if ‘Unmade Bed’ is art then I’m pretty much the most prolific artist to ever have existed. But I have to say finishing ‘Unmade Bed’ is much more satisfying when I have something to get up and do. I did another spacescape attempt yesterday and something different today.


I’d like to say I’m getting there with the circles but really I’m just drawing around round objects or relying on the paintbrush itself to be a circle…

Also if you are bored and art’s not really your thing I’m after bloggers to test their personality types to see who we the blogging community are. Who Are You?

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