Who Are You?

Right, I have been doing some pretty crap and short posts lately. It is my determination today to do better. Not least because I’m still procrastinating on the 3000 word article…  But also because I’ve found something I could write about for a pretty darn long time. Who are we the blogging community?

For reasons that I will explain in a moment, it is not my stance to explore that question philosophically, but rather logically, with data and results. There are a lot of crap quizzes on Facebook that you can take and at the end it’ll spit out some vague garbage about the kind of person you are and inevitably you and 95% of your friends somehow get the same result. But there is one test… to rule them all… one test that at the end I felt as though the description was genuinely written about me. The 16 personalities test (it’s been kicking around for a while so you may have already come across it).

Now the last time I was promised 16 possible outcomes it turned out to actually be just a choice of red, green or blue (Yeah, I’m looking at you Bioware. I will forever be salty about that!). But this time it’s different… well I hope it is. I sure hope you’re not all about to take the test and turn out to be logicians (which are supposed to only make up 3% of the world’s population). Here‘s the test if you want to take it before continuing.

I was as honest as I possibly could be, which is sort of a requirement if you want accurate results. And only twice did I feel I couldn’t properly answer the question…

16-test-1I improved it I think… Seriously the number of times I have been forced to go to a social event, and just been sat there looking interested but thinking ‘ugh I could have been playing on my computer’ is insane.


And as for this one… I have spent the last two weeks at work actively avoiding a colleague because they are trying to befriend me. I’ve been taking my breaks early to miss them and eating my meal break in my car. To say I disagree with this statement is a massive understatement.

I know I sort of already spoiled the big reveal, so it won’t surprise you when I say my result was that I’m a logician. But it does break your personality down somewhat, and you don’t just get a blanket statement about the kind of person you are. There’s real detail about how your personality affects your life. Detailing your strengths and weaknesses, romantic tendencies, friendships, parenthood, career paths and workplace habits.

16 test results.png

So this is me. No surprises that the anonymous blogger would turn out to be 93% introverted. But it may surprise regular readers of my blog that I am so unfeeling… I jest. Obviously I have feelings and understand feelings but they are not as important to me as logic, order and thinking.  And that judging/prospecting thing pretty much just says I’m 71% procrastinator… this should come as no surprise to you either.

‘The Logician personality type is fairly rare, making up only three percent of the population, which is definitely a good thing for them, as there’s nothing they’d be more unhappy about than being “common”. Logicians pride themselves on their inventiveness and creativity, their unique perspective and vigorous intellect. Usually known as the philosopher, the architect, or the dreamy professor, Logicians have been responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.’

The Logician’s strengths – Great analysts and abstract thinkers, imaginative and original, open-minded, enthusiastic, objective, honest and straightforward.

The logician’s weaknesses – Very private and withdrawn, insensitive, absent-minded, condescending, loathe rules and guidelines, second guess themselves. 

I will agree with almost all of that. I will put my hands up and admit to being insensitive and condescending. But I actually love rules and guidelines, sort of. I love to play sports because there are set rules for behaviour, I love that social etiquette provides me with guidelines for how to behave and appointment times are incredibly important to me, I feel physically sick if I’m late.

This makes me sound like a complete d**k but it’s actually really true…
‘Logician friendships are knowledge-based, defined by the exchange of ideas, theories, and concepts, and those who aren’t able to keep up with this, or who have sharply differing tastes (don’t talk to Logicians about celebrities) will find stony faces that border on rude. To Logicians, communication is often more of a nuisance than a pleasure, and conversation is reserved for topics that they find meaningful, or for people they already like enough to stick it out.’

It also says I’m a good and loyal friend… you just have be “worthy” of my time… this test really does make me sound very rude.

So that’s me. S.Hansen the blogger is a Logician. What about you? Who are we the blogging community? Are we a varied people or is it our personality types that draw us to blogging? Take the test and let me know all about it. 

The test said I needed a Sentinel to be my sounding board, any sentinels out there?
I’m also considering taking the test as my book characters, this is either because I’m continuing the procrastination or because it might unclog that writer’s block, I may never know.



10 thoughts on “Who Are You?

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  2. I’m an INFJ “The Advocate.” There is a lot to be said for the Myers-Briggs tests. But, I suspect if I take the test again in a few years, I’ll “score” a different personality type. I wonder if that means my personality has changed?

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    1. Well you could be right about that, all I know is I’ve taken that personality test 3 times over the years and every time I’m a logician :p
      I’m apparently a very unchanging personality. And if I’m honest I hope your personality doesn’t change, the advocate is surely someone we’d all like to know. If it is as accurate for you as it was for me your weaknesses just suggest your a very selfless person. And you could be the next Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela 😛

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