My Music Highlights – 05/03/17

In four short days it’ll be my birthday. And as such I thought as well as the usual music highlights, I’d make sure you all had the most useful birthday song to hand. This song will help you out no end I am certain.

If you find Garfunkel & Oates’ humour entertaining, look up their other songs and also they had a tv series called Garfunkel & Oates as well.

Writer’s Music Highlight

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned these ladies on the blog before. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. bond (the lower case b is important so as not to infringe on James Bond copyright…) are a string quartet that have been at the forefront of classical cross over music. They’ve been somehwat shunned by the classical community (and were rejected from the UK classical charts) because their style is apparently too much like pop music. But in Australia their album Classified went double platinum and reached the top of both the classical and pop chart. These ladies even performed at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. So it’s a bit confusing for me when everyone I talk to has never even heard of them… They’re literally the best selling string quartet of all time, what more do they have to do?

Anyway the piece I chose this weekend is I think their best selling single. It’s dramatic, creative, a musical story and in places reminds me of the old x-men cartoon theme…

I’m more than happy to recommend more of their tracks if you’re interested in hearing more from them.

Musical Positivity

If you live in England and own a TV you have heard this song before. It was on a car advert that seemed to be on all the time a few years ago. I was always hearing the catchy chorus, but it always cut before the guitar riff… which reminds me of the Fraggle Rock theme tune, if you know what that is.

Have the best day of your life everyone!



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