Worst Cake Ever!

Writer’s block is something that affects all of us at some point. It makes us struggle to finish a text to a friend, it stops us from writing an essay, it prevents us from responding to a pen pal (are those still a thing? I feel like those are still a thing) and for some of us it’ll even have happened verbally, usually when we are tired and the words just don’t come out write.So can it really be called writer’s block?

Mostly its a minor annoyance because we’ll mull over that text/letter/email for a while and eventually hit send (or post it) whether we are happy with the wording or not. But when it comes to writing something that’s of importance to you it’s so much worse that a minor annoyance. In fact, many people think that it’s called writer’s block because it blocks the words, but actually it’s because it substitutes your brain for a block of wood and the pain you experience is somewhat like being hit over the head with another block of wood (a convincing lie, no?)

I have been experiencing that pain of late. I’m pretty sure every time I sit down to write someone clocks me over the head with a plank. I suspect this because a few hours later I’ll awake from a daze and realise that the words on the screen look a lot like my face hit the keyboard (a bit like how fifty shades of grey was written, except my face apparently has a better gift for metaphor than E L James’). So you sit there looking at the screen very disappointed with what you’ve done, inevitably trash it and realise you are no further along with your writing. And that’s how Writer’s block deals another blow.

Now you have an inability to write combined with disappointing misery and that’s a terrible mix (add in a dash of the fact that somehow last night I wrote out this whole blog post and it disappeared leaving nothing but a gif and a title…). Leave that mix to bake for a few hours and you have the most disappointingly dry and badly decorated cake ever.

I shall be mighty upset if my mind serves that up next week for my birthday. But speaking of my birthday, I’ll be going hobbit fashion and giving gifts rather than receiving them. My book Closer To The Core will be free on Amazon kindle all day. So set your reminders for the 9th of March. And if you do have a read, any reviews would be much appreciated. I’ll remind you all a bit closer to the time as well, what’s the point in benevolent acts if you aren’t going to boast about them right?…



2 thoughts on “Worst Cake Ever!

  1. The writers block thing is an interesting one. I’ve certainly got it for longer pieces – hence the lack of any articles in weeks on my blog. But I religiously say I will post every day about my mood and that forces me to write. So good bad or ugly I have to post. I suppose it has taught me just to trust myself a bit more. The times I think it is a bad post I get similar or often better views/likes. So what do I know??

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    1. Well I have discovered people seem to like posts a lot more when you are expressing your feelings because it’s something they can relate to. Personally I find posts about interesting things just as good a read but I am emotionally lacking soo…
      But the good news is that means even when you can’t be bothered to write anything profound people can relate to your feelings and like it 😛


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