Found My Muse…

Turns out my muse was never missing… I was just sat on it.

So it’s only taken me three days to realise where I’ve been going wrong with this whole art thing. I’ve said many, many times that I can’t write as well without music. The creativity just isn’t there without some music. And today was a massive ‘duh doi’ moment for me. If I’m not as creative with my words when I don’t have music, why would I expect it to be different for painting?

Today I sat down at my desk (which really needs tidying, it’s a tip), I put on my best spacey soundtrack, fired up my digital painting software and achieved this…


… which yeah is still obviously drawn by someone who can’t draw a circle… but it’s a big improvement on my first few pieces. I feel a lot less embarrassed sharing this with you than the last couple that I have.

I’m not sure if the music inspired me to create something better or whether it settled my mind enough for me to actually remember all the things I know about art. Either way I’m glad I have a muse. This learning to paint malarkey might be a little easier now.



9 thoughts on “Found My Muse…

  1. hehehe I’m seeing the last 6 or 7 posts in rapid fire succession because I was deep in a funk for the past few days (you say “writer’s block,” I say invasion by a cruel and evil Inner Editor that destroys everything that is good and meaningful in the universe).

    I can tell you’ve found a delicious new hobby, and you are getting better everyday. This week circles… next week, Ovals!

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    1. Okay well your description was vastly superior to mine :p
      Hope the funk is over.
      I feel like I’m back at toddler stage again, this week you’re going to learn about circles… wow! And I’m actually excited.

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