Procrastination and Frustration

Procrastinate (n) – to avoid doing the thing you are supposed to be doing because you can’t be bothered…

I’ve been doing some procrastinating today, I’ve got a 3000 word article to write up but can I be bothered to do it? Hell no. So instead I have been working at that digital painting malarkey. It’s been a whole… geez… day since I posted Not Quite There Yet so clearly my art will have improved tremendously…


Or not. Found a glowy brush and now know that lightsabers could be easier to draw than I imagined…

What I’m trying to figure out though is, are those people that are good at digital painting taught, naturally good or self taught? I feel like I can learn a bit from my mistakes but not so much that I’ll ever create an actual spacescape by myself. I’m beginning to understand the frustrations of those for whom school learning does not come naturally. Not being good at something instantly, sucks!

Maybe I could just be the next Quentin Blakesp46b_16-twits

I mean aiming for that might be more possible right? I wouldn’t even have to be any good at drawing a straight line. I have never been able to work out whether I like the Roald Dahl illustrations. On the one hand they are pretty crappy doodles, on the other hand what else am I expecting the twits to look like? and it’s a kids book so fine art isn’t exactly necessary.

The ultimate test is going to be when I see K. Hansen again next week and see how they get on with digital art. K is a better artist than me so if they are shite too I won’t feel so bad, hehe.

Anyway that’s an update on my art… this post was probably also just another way for me to procrastinate…



One thought on “Procrastination and Frustration

  1. Not that I’m a digital artist, but I’m largely self-taught. There are sooo many apps and filters and photo manipulation, and editing and… apps out there, once you have an image in your mind, bringing it to life is far easier than with canvas and brush. Congratulations on day 2. You’re already exponentially better!

    Now…get back to work 😉

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