Not Quite There Yet

I’m a mediocre artist. In some cases terrible. That much I’ve freely admitted before. And yet today I got a new toy to make it possible for me to digitally paint badly as well as physically paint badly. I have a feeling that although I’ve already shown more aptitude with digital art it’s still not going to get much better.

I got myself a drawing tablet, one of those thingy jiggies that’s essentially just a touch pad and stylus pen. I also got some free art software so it’s probably not exactly professional standard. But that’s just as well because I already spent an hour playing with all the different tools with the one I’ve got…

There’s a few skills I desperately still want to master. Singing, violin playing and painting/drawing. Singing is never going to happen, mother tells me I just have to practice but then I hear her sing and I think, no, no amount of practice is fixing that… (tut mir leid Mutti). I’m very apprehensive to pick up a violin because well everyone knows it’s pretty much the hardest instrument to start playing. And I have neighbours…

Which just leaves me with painting/drawing. This may be one I can work hard to improve on. There’s definitely an art skill in my family, my grandpa was a phenomenal painter. His strength was really landscapes but he did pretty decent portraits too. A couple of my siblings have a real aptitude for drawing too. I think I have a cousin who is an architect so presumably draws some very nice buildings…

But this took me 30 minutes…


and that’s with the benefit of technology… this may well be the pinnacle of my painting talent. However, my goal is to persevere, learn to use the drawing pad well (hopefully) and actually create something I’m proud of.

In the mean time I have at least perfected my signature …


And just for Mindfump



8 thoughts on “Not Quite There Yet

  1. Oh no… with neighbours it’d be very rude and silly to learn the violin… just buy a drum kit instead. 😉

    Anyway… very artistic, sir. I may not know much about art [!] but I can tell when someone has natural artistic flair!
    Lovin’ Mindfump’s “S”, too… is that the “American Football shirt numbers” version? 😀

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    1. Haha, you know I already probably annoyed them a bit with the drum kit that comes with Rockband…
      I will humbly accredit most of the skill in that err… piece, to the software on my computer 😛
      Don’t tell me you didn’t learn to draw that S at school? I thought it was universal.

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      1. True: there was a chap in the flat next door to mine who had a drum kit. And insomnia, it seems…. as did I. 😦 Luckily he was thrown out after 2 weeks.
        Well, I’m still going to say you have flair…. but with regard to that S, I’ve never seen it before. [And I’m a very old man.]
        Plus, I never said I went to school…

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      2. Well it’s this graffiti s that every kid learns to do from their mates at school. You honestly need only type ‘the s’ into google and you’ll know I’m not making it up.
        But you are correct, you didn’t ever say you went to school. There’s me assuming and making an ass outta ming… 😛


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  3. Yes! I’m a horrible artist. More than a year ago, I left the canvas and messy paints/chalks/watercolors behind and got the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I’m not going to say I’m an artist now (I’m not), but I’ve definitely seen some improvement. And as Art Therapy, it rocks!

    Based on your initial attempts (particularly signatures), looks like you have far more initial talent than I do, so I can only imagine what the next year will bring! Have fun and happy doodling!

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    1. Well thanks, I’m a hug fan of your art work (there always so colourful and easy to look at – I’m not much of a critic :p ) so here’s hoping I can produce something of similar quality one day.

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