My Music Highlights – 26/02/17

I sure hope you’re ready for a little more musical inspiration because it’s that time of the week again. If you’re not ready for inspiration then get you’re dance on because it’s also time for mood brightening music again!

Writer’s Music Highlight

You know when you’re watching TV and the shit has just hit the fan on your show? When the protagonist sort of slow mo sits down or just stands in place and their life beings to unravel. It’s an important moment, you almost feel like you can hear their heartbeat as the drama unfolds. If you are as familiar with this moment in television history as I am, then you have heard this song before.

I haven’t exactly picked an obscure one here. Especially not if like me you live in their home city… They played an open air home gig in September last year, no surprises that it absolutely chucked it down (it is England after all). But people flocked to hear these guys play, rain or no rain.

I can’t say trip hop is my usual music genre of choice but there’s no denying this track, with it’s kind of heartbeat rhythm and weightless feel, has what it takes to inspire any writer.


Musical Positivity

I want to prove I don’t have to delve back into the records and vinyls of last century to find a bit of uplifting music this week. Though don’t imagine I am in anyway done with the 20th century, my heart belongs in the 90s…

I’m hoping to get you whistling along with this tune, and to be honest if it gets stuck in your head, is it the worst thing in the world?

It’s not bad right? I mean it’s not my beloved 90s… but they did their part to make 2013 a little bit brighter.

Hansen out


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