My Music Highlights – 19/02/17

If you follow my blog with a moderate amount of dedication you will have noticed that every Sunday I’ve been highlighting a track the helps me write but last week I changed things up. I threw you a curve ball and instead when with a song not to improve my writing but to improve my mood.

And it seemed like people kind of liked it. So I want to keep highlighting happy songs (because sometimes sticking your head in the musical sand and pretending things aren’t so bad is pretty nice). But I’m not going trash the writer’s music. No siree. I’m going ot do both… it secretly feeds my obsessive need to talk about music so why wouldn’t I?

Writer’s Music Highlight

I haven’t the words to adequately express how this piece makes me feel. It soothes and calms me, but there’s a real feel of forward momentum. The pulsing chug of a train on it’s tracks, taking you to the one place you feel at home. (Home has been cropping up a lot in my blog lately, I’m a bit homesick and also heading home next weekend.)

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you write the way it helps me.

Musical Positivity

Finding music week in week out that just makes you feel a little bit better might be a tough task. And because music is so subjective I’m not always going to hit the mark for everyone. But if I can just help one person feel a little bit better then I guess the little effort has been worth it.

Get your dancing shoes on (or you best slippy socks) and get swinging around the house. I challenge you to listen without at least tapping your foot or bouncing your head along to the rhythm. And when you can’t do it, just give in and be happy. You don’t have to be a good dancer to dance at home… I’m not… I dance like Napoleon Dynamite…

S. Hansen


18 thoughts on “My Music Highlights – 19/02/17

  1. “Reet Petite” was on the first cassette of “Now That’s What I Call Music 9”, which was wedged in the family car radio for a long time…. ah the 1980s.
    I do love nostalgia — especially for things from the past. 😉
    Many thanks for the reminder (!)

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  2. Ok, this is the second time I commenting but it hasn’t appeared so naturally ignore the inevitable duplicate comment. Love the suggestions, a personal favourite for calming/emotive song would be the classic clair de lune. Top feature Hansen, love it as always.

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    1. An amazing piece. Has a certain underwater feel for me, perhaps because it slightly reminds me of Camille Saint Saens’ Aquarium. Your class and refined taste is showing Mindfump, some people make such an effort to cover it up. My classy relaxing top pick is definitely Bach’s Cello Suite No.1.
      Damn I wish I had some kind of musical talent…

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      1. You’re an onion revealing your layers, very impressive. I do enjoy a bit of Bach, although in general I would say my classical musical knowledge is pretty limited. Although I would say what I like about living in Vienna is that it is a very cultured place. I got to peoples homes and I don’t hear Jay-Z or Beyonce, but often classical music or Jazz. Love it.

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      2. Hmm perhaps a move to Vienna is in order for me… it would be nice to see people think outside the box a bit more with their musical taste.
        My classical knowledge greatly surpasses the average person but is still pretty limited.

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