Silly Fun

I don’t get a lot of free time on Saturdays because I work til 06:00, then sleep til 15:00 and have to start thinking about cooking dinner at 18:00 so I’m all ready to go to work again not long after. This means I tend to just roll around in bed, because what’s the point of starting something when you are going to have to stop so soon? I’m pretty sure that’s the depression talking.

Today though, I got up. Maybe my mood was boosted thanks to work last night (see She’s Alive! for further explanation) I don’t know. But I got up, I’m not saying I was overly productive but just getting out of bed before 18:00 is a miracle for me on a Saturday.

Not long ago K.Hansen visited and realised just how depressed and lonely I was. K tried to cheer me up with a silly game called There’s Poop In My Soup, and you can tell by the name it’s childish, immature and ridiculous. Just what I needed to be honest. Unfortunately I finished the whole game in about 30 minutes…

To avoid me getting too lonely now that K has gone they’ve been offering to play online with me a lot more recently. You might recall we played a spot of Minecraft the other day. But we’ve played that game a lot in the past and even when we do funny/stupid things in game they aren’t as entertaining anymore. Cut to me, discovering a new game for us to play on Steam. A new ridiculous game.

BattleBlock Theater. There’s absolutely nothing grown up about it. The only form of intelligence in the game is sarcasm and jokes. There’s no complex story to follow. The game doesn’t even take itself seriously (Just watch the trailer and you’ll know I’m not exaggerating). And yet it’s just what I need right now. I’ve just spent the last few hours laughing my arse off, chatting with K and forgetting all about the horrible squatter living in my mind.

I know you aren’t all into video games (although I would argue that it’s possible for everyone to enjoy games as long as they find the right one). But I highly recommend finding some way to inject childish silliness into your life. Laughter is supposed to biologically make you feel better so try to make it happen. Get some nerf guns, play a silly game, watch cartoons, make fart jokes… whatever makes you laugh in a childish way is I hope going to help.

Have fun

S. Hansen


8 thoughts on “Silly Fun

  1. Could never turn down the chance for a bit of silly fun – my girlfriend complains no end at my utter rediculousness sometimes. You’ve got it right Hansen. The gateway to a bit of relief. I shall look into the game as well, never been one to shy away from a videogame or two. Be well.

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  2. Joonas Kopponen

    Laughter is maybe the best thing in life! Laughted has cheered me up even in darkest times.. It has even been proven scientifically to be really beneficial! You can find something to laugh about in every day if you just let yourself. Let’s all be silly and childish every now and then, it’s good for us! 🙂

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    1. Every now and then? Well sang I was going to try all the time, but now you mention it, it may not be appropriate all the time… funerals for instances, though it might have livened up grandpa’s funeral…haha pun… livened.

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      1. Joonas Kopponen

        Would be hilarious and maybe dangerous to try being silly in childish way for..Let’s say a week. Go give it a try and report back if you can! 😛 Eeehheheheee livened!

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