Sorry Readers

Sorry everyone, I know I said I was going to keep the book on here but then I read the fine print. I’m feeling pretty guilty but I’m also a law abiding citizen. I have officially removed Closer To The Core from my blog as per my agreement with Amazon publishing. For now the book is only available digitally from Amazon here. Technically I am still allowed to sell a physical copy of the book elsewhere but without any way of printing and distributing the book that is also only available through Amazon here.

I am planning on still doing some stuff book related on this blog as well as all my other posts. I have some ideas for posts on the 25,000 Light-Years universe. I always liked the expanded universe literature for Discworld (I even have Nanny Ogg’s cookbook), so I’ll definitely be taking that into consideration while I work out what kinda of things I want to do.I will of course also be working a lot more on book 2 now that I have published book 1. I’ve been really impatiently waiting to move onto Book 2, not sure if it’s because I have written and read book 1 sooo many times through the editing process that I am now bored of it, or if I just find books 2 more interesting. Either way I’m excited.

All the excitement and anxiety of publishing my first book has clearly gotten to me though as I slept through my alarm, woke up an hour late and realised I had missed something I was supposed to be doing… Fortunately it’s not a big deal.

Anyway watch this space for more on the 25,000 Light-Years universe.



24 thoughts on “Sorry Readers

  1. Joonas Kopponen

    No problem, it’s good to be careful! 🙂 Good it wasn’t anything very important you slept through! Also happy you are excited and keep up the good work! Will be continuing with your book tonight.

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    1. More than ok 🙂
      I have to say science fiction isn’t typically my genre either… I can’t honestly say I’ve read a full length novel of the science fiction persuasion.
      But it opened up so many interesting avenues for my writing I couldn’t help diving into a genre I have absolutely zero authority on…

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      1. I feel like that must be both exciting and challenges in so many ways. To go into something you have relatively little knowledge of. This will definitely be my first sci fi novel cover to cover.

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      2. Actually it wasn’t too challenging
        ‘science fiction
        fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets.’
        They might just as well have said ‘do what you want, go nuts!’ An easy genre as a starter novel perhaps.
        Hopefully it won’t disappoint in any way. Who knows maybe you’ll be a sci fi fan afterwards.


      3. A ‘modern classic’ if you like is ‘The Road Less Travelled’. Written by a psychiatrist, who philosophises on 4 majors elements of human nature. Discipline, Love, Religion and something else (ha). The book is famed for its incredible first half and derided for its weird and obscure second. His views on Love and Discipline and sublime though. Also interwoven with his experiences from his practice. Get through that and I have a ton more.

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      4. Ah nice, yeah it is a very good read. Really breaks down some basic principles of human behaviour. I enjoyed it anyway – well, the first half at least. The second half goes into a strange religious tangent.

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      5. He definitely takes the baton and runs with it. Let me know your thoughts for sure. I will try and get your guest post up today as well – really love it. As for feeling sick, it is definitely worse today. Trying to move all my work. Hope all is well your side. Hows the book sales and launch going? had any response yet?

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      6. Bummer, but then that’s always the way with flu :/
        Book launch is definitely somewhat anticlimactic. I think someone with Kindle subscription has read the whole thing as yesterday 373 pages had been read when I woke up yesterday.
        Have forked out for an ad campaign which is also proving somewhat unfruitful so far. gotta be patient though.

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      7. Yeah patience is definitely the way forward, these things take time I’m sure. Give away some copies? Get some reviews going. That should help… he says confidently with zero book launch knowledge

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