Soggy Socks Can’t Ruin Today

I had to get from A to B today, I’m sure a lot of you will have had to for work or such like. Parking is expensive though so to avoid any charges I park about a 15 minute walk from B and walk the rest of the way. Today I foolishly left my umbrella in my car… So that 15 minute walk back to my car has left me with soggy socks. Which if you’ve ever experienced you know is just awful.

But I don’t care. Today is a good day and soggy socks will not ruin it. Today Amazon proudly proclaimed my book to be published online and available to purchase (they are very efficient at Amazon it seems). If you have in interest in reading it here’s some useful links –

For Kindle (Don’t forget if you’re a kindle unlimited subscriber it’s free for you.

For  a Paperback copy (because sometimes it’s nice to have books on your bookshelf)

And I’m going to look into whether or not I can afford to turn this book into an audio book. Because I know some of you probably prefer to hear a story than read a story.

I’m very happy it’s published. Now comes the waiting to see what the world thinks. Will I turn into a bundle of nerves? Will I be able to call myself an author by trade? Who knows? Isn’t it exciting/terrifying? (Delete as necessary)




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