Defecating Bricks

I have a tendency to use extra profanities when I’m extremely nervous. Not so much with strangers, but are you really a stranger to me by now? (You’ve read at least one whole sentence now) Never the less I am going to try really hard to keep this post squeaky clean. But I am more nervous than a pig in a bacon factory right now.

I just got the okay from an artist whose work I used for the mock book covers. To top it off it seems to be the favourite piece too! So far my little poll says 80% of people like Design 4 the best. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing with those designs because I didn’t have the rights to use those images. Then you liked it so much I had to track down the artist, Hani Jamal (here’s his DeviantArt link), and ask his permission.

He only went and bloody said yes! Now there isn’t a single thing stopping me from publishing my book. I think I have everything sorted. All the editing done, the book cover designed, the appropriate forms filled out for Amazon, researched what the heck publishing rights are, researched appropriate pricing, wrote a nice dedication (I hope) and even set Hani as an illustrative contributor. Nothing is stopping me from hitting that publish button.

Except those nerves…

It also all feels a bit anti climactic to just press the button and wait up to 72 hours for it to become available to purchase. It feels like, as it has taken me so long, there should be some pomp and circumstance. But no, it’ll just be me pressing a little button and hoping to hell people like what I’ve done.

I think I’ll press the button tomorrow before I go to work, then I can pretend I’m too distracted by work to worry about it…


This is the final cover design by the way. It’s not Design 4 exactly, it was too busy for my liking so hopefully I’ve not ruined it with my neatening.

S. Hansen

P.S. Why is Great British Bake Off such a good source of gifs for my tense moments?


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