Taking the plunge

I’ve not been very present online today. Not as far as you guys can tell anyway. I’ve been playing Minecraft with K. Hansen. I honestly have no idea why we haven’t been discreetly contacted by an architectural firm wanting us to work for them…

I don’t think we could have made life harder for ourselves, we scouted around the realm looking for the perfect place to start our new colonisation. We passed by many a luscious woodland, some impressive mountains and even the odd swamp (rainforest is still a pain in the arse to find nowadays). But for some reason we settled on the desert… We picked the barren sandy landscape with no edible wildlife, the constant threat of sand suffocating you (in part because of my poor mining technique) and little to be said for it by way of resources.

I think that might well be representative of me though. I have been struggling with depression for about eight years. Just muddling on through day to day life, rarely telling anybody that it’s a strain. But today is the first time I have walked into a medical centre with the intention of speaking to a medical professional about it. I mean the first available appointment wasn’t for another month but my intent was there right?

I won’t complain about the wait because I know the British health service is about to collapse under the strain. But I had really worked myself up to this, I still felt sick making the short walk to the health centre and I had to slow my breathing just so I’d be able to talk to the complete stranger behind the desk, but I was ready for this. I was ready to start fixing… me. I’m a bit disappointed I have to wait a month before I can even start.

It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined asking for the appointment by the way. She didn’t even ask why I wanted to see the doctor, I didn’t have to explain myself to her and that felt great. So I’ll wait patiently and hope that in a month there’ll be a magic cure for depression…

S. Hansen

P.S. I’m not claiming the building in the gif as mine, we only started today. We don’t work that fast!

P.P.S The poll on possible book cover designs is still open if you haven’t had a chance to vote


7 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

  1. Hey Hansen, glad you are taking the plunge. I think its a great step – and a brave one. But you are making great strides (and steps, obviously) with the book and this appointment. Should be proud of yourself.

    Also your review was meant to go up today but I changed the way they post and Ive now managed to post 3 at once – to my horror. So rather than bombard people anymore. I shall wait until tomorrow. If you would like one of them on your blog feel free (it is your work after all!)

    Be well.

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    1. Hey,
      yeah I’m feeling a bit proud today 😛 I even read your blog post and went for that too. Took a really long, hot shower, changed my bed sheets. I am expecting to wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and revitalised. If I don’t my shampoo has mislead me.
      Haha, I read all three already as well. It was a really good idea you had, they are great fun to read.
      Hope you’re doing good, back working today weren’t you?

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      1. haha if your depression isnt cured by tomorrow I will feel partly responsible. I need to put disclaimers on my blogs. Although showering will save your life. Didn’t mention anything about bed sheets though – you’re making me feel lazy.

        Ah nice, I’m glad you liked them. I feel terrible for anyone who gets email notifications. I am really looking forward to putting yours up, it is so good. My girlfriend was singing your praises.

        Yeah back into it today. It is never as bad as I imagine but, work is work is work. Feeling better this evening though – even spilt a cup of coffee over my sofa and still going strong. Hows the anxiety about the book?

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      2. Well if it makes you feel any better, I haven’t done the putting new sheets on bit yet. Just taken the old ones off and washed them.
        I wouldn’t worry too much about those email notifications, I follow some blogs that post ten times a day, it’s frustrating but it just means I’m used to deleting all the email notifications and cycling through the reader all by myself 😛
        Thanks, and score one for me gaining another fan in your girlfriend 😛 Don’t suppose she’s got a blog too? It’s hard to sing praises in return otherwise.
        Glad about work not being so terrible, and that spilt coffee isn’t ruining your evening.
        Anxiety levels are still up but not too bad because I still have to make sure I’m not stealing anyone’s work when I make the book cover.


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