Writer’s Music Highlight – 12/02/17

This week’s music highlight is going to be a little bit different. Normally I choose a piece of music that really evoke ides of action, movement and a general setting mood. But this week I have been feeling pretty low, really low actually. And I suddenly remembered last night that there’s a song that always makes me happy (happy is the only word I have for it, but it doesn’t fix depression sorry guys).

I can’t say that I really listen to any other Hall and Oates songs. And I can’t really tell you why this song makes me happy. All I know is that this morning my alarm went off and I had set it to this song. I literally danced in my bed. You Make My Dreams is my happy song and it makes me happy dance. Hopefully it’ll do the same for you, if not I hope there is a happy song out there for you.

I have never watched the video before. I think watching those guys as into the song as they are makes me like it more. Look at those 80’s hair dos jiggle in excitement.



14 thoughts on “Writer’s Music Highlight – 12/02/17

      1. The trouble is determining what kind f story you’ve landed in. Fingers crossed it’s not a tragedy. I suppose in theory you should hope for action adventure. You get to be an unwitting hero and end up with the romantic interest as well hooray.

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      2. I shall only hope for her sake you mean woo and not woe. Though one can see how many of the women in Indiana Jones and James Bond are brought many woes by the fellas… so perhaps you were right all along 😛

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