It’s getting serious…

So I have finally gotten around to finishing all my editing of Closer To The Core. Which means I suppose I should do what writers do when they finish a book, and publish it. That’s scary. I mean I know I share chapter by chapter on this blog every fortnight, but this’ll be the full book and people will be able to rate and review it and other people will see those ratings and reviews. My anxiety is going to go through the bloody roof I can tell already.

But I still have a bit of time before publishing online. There’s odd little things I still need to sort. Like a book cover. I’m a bit poor at the moment so I can’t pay someone to create some original art work for me (sad). My own artistic skill is, as I have said before, mediocre. But I have mocked up some ideas with basic computer software. Let me know what you think and I am definitely still open to suggestions as I’m not sold on any of the designs yet anyway.




6 thoughts on “It’s getting serious…

  1. Im sure it is a very anxious time! But well done, you are so close to finishing a book. That is one of those things people talk about more than do. The achievement is doing it. So you should be proud.

    The vote should count as 2 because both me and my girlfriend voted for number 4!

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  2. Joonas Kopponen

    I’d be really anxious too, anyone really but awesome that you have finished it! I have to start reading it tonight from your to get started. I definately vote for 4 too! I’ll ask Jenni too tomorrow when I am back home. 3 is a good choise too if you like it more. 4 just seems fitting and has a lovely feeling to it, more mysterious and deep. Third is more like about some war or constant fighting, it is powerful in it’s own way but I think to your writing 4 fits more, also I personally like it best, the feeling it gives compels me to read whatevers inside. I will get back to you once I have read chapter 1! 🙂 This day will be a busy day, gotta start two different posts, help grandparents with several things and a proper gym workout day too. However I will at least start reading it today. Now I will go out for my morning exercise and then eat breakfast, good morning and day to you both!

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    1. Thanks Joonas 🙂
      4 is definitely winning. It may still not get the final role as cover because of the whole copyright issue but they are for the general idea.
      Busy is good sometimes, keeps your mind off other things. I hope you have a good day.

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