Their Our Know Rules (Intentional Misspelling)

English is a funny language isn’t it? It’s hard enough that there are multiple words that sound exactly the same, or that there are words that mean multiple things. But then there’s the fact there are no bloody rules. It’s tricky to learn to use at a basic level and unsurprisingly trickier to master. I would imagine there are very few people that can say they have truly mastered the English language. It’s a complete mess really, but I hope by now (if you have read my blog posts before) you’ll agree I have a good hold on it. I’ve never told you guys whether English is my first language or not but I hope you think that my use of it is such that I am either British or I have so successfully submerged myself in British culture that I sound British.

So clearly I like English. But it still confounds my expectations at every turn. I thought I’d have some fun playing with some of the more ridiculous aspects of English. This is mostly because I am supposed to be doing something else (something boring) and I’m looking for a distraction…

All the money he had had had had no bearing on his happiness.

What the fudge right? How in the hell can it be grammatically correct to have the same word repeated four times consecutively in one sentence. And (as long as you use the right intonation) it still makes sense… What the hell England?

Here’s something else I’ve been working on…

It has been perceived that some rules have been conceived for the English language. However if you believe them you have been deceived. Whether you trust deity or science you can agree that before e except after  is not a rule that applies in all instances. There are a number of weird words, sometimes foreign words from a neighbouring country or visiting sheikh. The English have pottered about, seized new words and made sure their language could never be considered beige. A mix of ancient and new, no rule can efficiently or sufficiently tackle this language, this king of languages reigning in mischief.

I hope I’m not the only person out there that looks on English in befuddlement and wonder in equal measure.

I better get back to doing that boring thing…



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