Writer’s Music Highlight – 05/02/17

Another week, another inspirational music suggestion… I hope. This week I wanted to highlight a some musicians that you will almost certainly have heard before. You may have forgotten you ever heard them, you may remember a track and think oh yeah that was on such and such. Whatever the case it’ll probably be familiar.

And that’s because I’ve heard these talented musicians on a wide range of film of TV, spanning from The Chronicles of Narnia to Top Gear. They get everywhere and they have a recognisable sound so once you know them you notice them a lot more.

Two Steps From Hell are pretty high on my most played list because their music is so useful when I’m writing. It was so damn hard to pick on piece to share with you so I would really urge you to youtube them if you like the track I have chosen.

I chose Heart Of Courage because I think (though I have done no research) that it is the track I have heard most frequently on tv. So in theory it’s most likely to jog your memory. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and it gets those creative juices flowing.


P.S. the featured image makes sense if you know that Two Steps From Hell have a track called El Dorado. (One of my favourites)


One thought on “Writer’s Music Highlight – 05/02/17

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