Life Or Puzzle Room?

Like most generally morose and lazy people I watch a fair amount of Netflix. And recently I have been watching Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (I’ve also been enjoying The Santa Clarita Diet, but that’s not relevant to this post). I haven’t read any of the books this show was based on but it is a character I have come across before because there was a British show based on Dirk Gently a few years ago (starring Steven Mangan, also worth a watch).

While I’m enjoying the show and would wholly recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of a mystery I would politely inform you that it is not a show you can dip in and out of and nor is it a show you can passively watch. You must pay attention. But this is beside the point, I tell you about this show because they presented me with an interesting analogy for life.

Is life in fact a series of death trap puzzle rooms that you overcome until one of them kills you?

They did quickly follow that up by saying that was a dark and depressing view of life. But actually I’m wondering if it is. I mean, yeah, the ‘one of them kills you’ bit is depressing. But is the puzzle room idea a really good way of looking at life?

A puzzle room is designed to test you and perhaps push you out of your comfort zone. You have to use everything you know and any skills at your disposal to beat the puzzle room. Isn’t that life? Life seems to be constantly testing me and it’s definitely pushing me outside my comfort zone. If you want to succeed you have to push yourself, mentally exert yourself and try to solve any problems in your path. A lot of people give up when they come across a seemingly impossible to solve puzzle. They get stuck in one room sometimes forever. But each of these puzzle rooms has been specifically designed, just for each individual person. Designed so that with the right mindset and application of you talents, skills and knowledge you can solve the problem and move on to the next stage in life’s puzzling adventure.

It’s certainly something for me to ponder. Is my depression a lifelong ball and chain I have to drag around or is it simply part of a puzzle room? If I solve the problem can I be free of it and move onto the next room? Maybe a room with a happier atmosphere…



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