The writing push

It’s fortnightly writing update day! You know I heard Americans don’t use the word fortnight, is that true? Why not?

Anyway, I’m really smashing through my editing at the moment. I’ve been working on getting a book cover designed so I can publish on Amazon, that costs money, money I don’t want to waste so it’s been motivating me to actually push to make my work a finished product. Got a friend of a friend who is actually an editor so I’m considering getting my work professionally edited too, anyone got any thoughts on that?

I’ve been practicing my different writing styles lately to keep myself a versatile writer. Even been letting myself try out travel writing and review writing. I have zero plans to become a travel writer or reviewer but hey isn’t me writing about all those science fiction locations a little bit of travel writing? And don’t I gain something from really thinking about (reviewing) other peoples work?

You might also have noticed lately that I’ve been having a lot of fun delving back into topics I studied in university. I forgot how much fun children’s literature is to write and study. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I have room in my writing schedule to fit in some children’s lit writing.

Next week I’ll be sharing Chapter Ten – Keeping Mum with you all. I’m not sure if ‘to keep mum’ is a phrase that’s used in all English speaking countries. I’d like to know, anyone out there know? Same goes for the fortnight thing.

S. Hansen



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