Damn Litterers

Considering that in all likelihood I won’t be there to witness it I spend perhaps too much time worrying about the inevitable destruction of Earth. But maybe it’s a good thing, maybe I’m the sensible person here. My constant concern that humanity is a detriment to the survival of Earth as a sustainable ecosystem is perhaps a sign that I am still a decent human being.

There are a number of aspects to my personality which confirm that I am a terrible person. I have a very fixed set of morals, yes, but they are somewhat warped. However this morning while I was merrily driving along a damn white van man ruined my whole mood (I don’t know if ‘White van man’ is a phrase that translates the world over but they are generally complete *expletives* on the road). In front of me, with no attempt at concealing his actions the passenger emptied the contents of his cola bottle onto the road. I can recover from this act of wastefulness, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he just wanted to hold onto the bottle so he could recycle it or at the very least bin it. But no, once again my faith in humanity was broken. Without a care in the world he threw it into someone’s garden not 100 yards further on. (If you live in Bristol, England and know the owner of a white van with the number plate WL54 NVN, give them a thump around the head for me, maybe it’ll knock some sense into them. I know it wasn’t the driver but if a passenger in my car did that I’d stop and make them go pick it up…)

For some people I suppose this seems like a minor thing to ruin my mood but it’s what that action represents that really ticks me off. If someone is so unwilling to hold onto a plastic bottle until they can find a recycling bin (of which there are many) that they not only throw it out their car window but into someone’s garden, how much care do they have for the world as a whole? The mentality that it is someone else’s problem to deal with infuriates me and worse the idea that it’s something that future generations can sort out. I mean that’s what the baby boomer generation and generation x thought and look at the shit hole of an economy millennials find themselves in. We are all responsible for the consequences of our actions. And as no actions come without consequence maybe we should all be a bit more mindful of our actions.

Sorry for the ranting nature of my blog post today but it really did ruin my day. Like I said, although my morals are warped they are very strong morals that I adhere to vehemently.



One thought on “Damn Litterers

  1. Joonas Kopponen

    This post made me respect you even more.. These things infuriate me quite much too, I have learned mostly to not feel hatred and the will to extinquish the human race and give the chance for a better race to come along but rather live as much as I can by example and help people grow as much as I can. Still.. Sometimes I still feel hatred for what we as a race are doing to the earth and to ourselves.

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