Writer’s Music Highlight – 29/01/17

So the track I have chosen this weeks is a piece that I could listen to on repeat for hours. It’s beautifully crafted, uplifting and there’s something slightly magical about it for me. It’s  just spacey feeling enough for me that I’m happy to listen to it while writing the parts of the novel that area little bit more like filler. But at the same time the build of the piece I just know is going to help me create those more wonderful moments.

This week’s highlight is Jeremiah Pena – Pillars Of Light. I know very little about the artist as I actually stumbled across the piece while on one of those youtube trains… but other tracks of his that I have heard are also really wonderfully composed. And before anyone hears it and comments, it’s similarity to a piece that was used for a Dead Island trailer has been pointed out to me before. I know nothing about  whether this is a completely plagiarised piece of music or not. But I will put that trailer here too on the off chance you are interested in comparing the pieces or if you are looking for a zombie game to play…

They really are very similar… but the Dead Island one is just that little bit more (appropriately) sombre. Hope you enjoy this week’s track and it helps you out of a bit of writers block if you are suffering. Because music is almost always my writer’s block busting weapon. If music doesn’t work then I know it’s bad.



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