Budgeting a Nation

I’m a little bit tired of people complaining about budget cuts for services they “need”. It happens in every country of the world and I’m not sure why people can’t understand the need to cut spending. Everyone seems to know that their nation is in debt, they also seem to know that something needs to be done about the debt but they don’t seem to understand that in order to fix a debt less money has to be spent.

Worse still when leaders don’t seem to recognise this. The Greek Prime Minister Alex Tsipras keeps on trying to up the national spending in Greece without consulting the rest of Europe (who have bailed them out and issued terms for this). Donald Trump, recently inaugurated President of the United States has promised to ensure health care for everyone, more jobs, more industry, more business and less taxes for the people of America. With a debt of close to $20, 000, 000, 000, 000 (Holy shit, that’s a big number) I’m unsure as to how he will fund all of this nice ideas… But I digress, my main gripe is that people are complaining about their leaders sensibly cutting expenses to fix the national debt.

I would never claim to be a great mathematician. I’d say I’m pretty mediocre at maths to be perfectly honest. But it seems simple to me that if you are spending more money than you have, you will only worsen the debt. Simplify a national budget down to easier numbers to handle and we can talk about it without an inordinate number of zeros being involved.

If you make $100 and you spend $20 on medical care, $20 on education, $20 on policing, $20 on fire services and $20 on maintaining transport links and services and oh dear you’ve run out of money. There’s none left for benefits, subsidised university, care homes, pensions, militaries, public servant wages, paying off the debt you are already in… and pretty much everything else the government funds. So what do you do? Well you have three choices. One spend what you want and hope no one notices your massive growing debt, two hope your nation’s GDP grows so you have more money to spend… that’s wishful thinking at best. Or three, make some cuts somewhere to fund the remaining necessities. But what do you cut funding for? How do you decide what needs funding more than the others? That’s the decision that the politicians are making daily in every nation. They are are decisions that they are being criticised for daily. They are impossible decisions that have to be made, and will no doubt upset a large proportion of the nation.

Instead of criticising your leader get more involved in politics so that the person in charge is the one you think will make those budgetary decisions that most fit with your ideology. If you aren’t happy with funding cuts, try considering why those funds have been cut, where the money is being funnelled to. Sure there are places that I’m happy large sums of money are being spent, I happen to think politicians are paid far too much and there tends to be too much paper work that is done by someone that could be doing something else… But I won’t complain about funding cuts to benefits etc when medical services are in need or education systems are collapsing under the strain of too many students.

Well rant over, I don’t post about politics all that much because not many want to talk politics but hopefully my thoughts have been vaguely interesting.

S. Hansen


5 thoughts on “Budgeting a Nation

    1. Cool, I always like to look at things logically. And there are things that always get budget cuts and that are always overlooked that perhaps shouldn’t be. But I can at least hope the money saved goes somewhere worthwhile.

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      1. Joonas Kopponen

        To be honest after looking more into where the money goes…. I am not hopeful anymore, I will just take care of myself, my close ones, people I care about and all who want my help and not trust the governments too much. All within limits. 🙂

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