A little bit AWOL

I’ve been a little bit absent for the last few days, it actually seems like longer than it looks because I happened to have a few posts queued up. But I’m nothing if not punctual and I have an appointment to keep with you. It’s time for my fortnightly update on my writing progress.

My absence is probably in large part due to my complete lack of enthusiasm to do anything. I have instead been spending my time watching trashy television, which if I’m honest doesn’t help because it just means I’m continuing to surround myself with idiots, I just don’t have to talk to them. So as you can imagine this has meant my writing has been pretty much non existent. Good job I’m so far ahead with my editing right? I am sure I’ll push through this funk soon enough and be back at the editing process soon.

The good news is that I am actually quite excited to share the next chapter with you. Next week I’ll be releasing Chapter Nine: Suicide Run. I think it was my favourite chapter to write so I’m hoping it’ll be your favourite chapter to read. It’s one of those chapters that allowed me to have a lot of fun with descriptive writing, dialogue and also use of the fact that at their core two out of three of my protagonists could be considered traditional action heroes. It has got to be one of the main advantages of writing novels over short stories. I have worked hard building characters and setting and now I get the satisfaction of really utilising them in this chapter. I’m not sure it would be as good or as meaningful in a short story.

Anyway I should probably stop writing on my blog and get back to work…

S. Hansen


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