Music Inspired Me -16/01/17

So sat down and wrote a short piece inspired by this weeks music highlight. I don’t often write short pieces but hey I thought it would help me stretch my writing legs. I hope you enjoy reading and why not try giving it a go yourself. The music highlight is on my blog and on the post The Writer’s Music Highlight – 15/01/17.

Mike crouched down and pull tightly on his shoe laces before tying them together in a messy knot. He smiled to himself as he thought about all the times his running trainers had been out with him. He stood up and looked around the quiet streets. He knew they were about to get busy but for now they were his. He bounced in place a couple of times before his feet began to pound into the pavement. His breath pushed hard out of his lungs creating little clouds.

When he rounded the corner into the city centre he could see the beginning of the working day unfolding. People stumbled past him in their morning daze and he would have to side step skilfully them to keep up his pace. As the streets got busier his movements became like a complicated dance weaving through the drones of society. Just as he was getting cocky whipping through the crowds he crashed into a woman that seemed a little over dressed for the morning rush. Whilst apologising he glanced over her shoulder and locked eyes with James. An angry and bitter man that had at last found the object of his search.

James began to steadily but hastily move towards Mike who looked at his surroundings rapidly. Mike sprinted towards an alleyway where he bounced of a wall, grasped hold of a railing and began scaling the building. James was giving chase but knew he couldn’t perform the same acrobatic feats. He skidded to a halt below before turning over a trash can, clambering on top and yanking the ladder downward. He slowly made his way up the rusting ladder before chasing Mike up the many flights of stairs.

At the top of the building Mike realised he had run himself to a dead end. The surrounding buildings were too far away for him to believe he could make it across. The only exit was back down the stairs the James was swiftly making his way up. He double checked the surrounding buildings, speeding from parapet to parapet, skidding on the gravelly dirt. James made it to the roof, puffing vigorously, but determined to match James in a fight. He closed the gap between them while Mike backed slowly up against the half wall surrounding the roof. James took on the appearance of an enraged bull as he nostrils flared, his face reddened and his brows furrowed. He began to raise his fists ready to get his revenge. Mike quickly glanced down at the ground far below him before taking a deep breath, ducking past James and sprinting across the length of the roof top.

His foot smashed onto the raised wall as he leapt with all the power his legs could muster. It felt as though he were flying while the flow of time seemed to slow. The moment of truth did not seem to be in any great hurry as he anticipated the two possible outcomes. He was either hurtling toward the opposite building or the ground. Freedom or death. When normal time returned, he was relieved to be grasping a building roof with his fingertips. He grappled with the coarse brickwork, struggling to get to complete safety before he turned to look back at James.

‘She never told me she was married!’ He shouted.


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