A Little Redecoration

Today I have been moderately busy. Alongside my usual editing process and my new little 2d animation project I decided it was time to actually put some real effort into the look of my blog. When I first set it up I sort of roughly chose a theme and look that I hoped would suit the spacey style I aim for. The trouble was once I started writing my posts I noticed it didn’t display the featured images. You’d think as a writer that wouldn’t really bother me all that much, in theory words are everything to me. But I really do believe a picture can be worth a thousand words.

I think pictures can really make a difference to your reading experience. I’m not talking about picture books (although that certainly makes for an easy read) but just a simple image that incorporates all those little details and emphasises the meaning behind the words you have carefully chosen. I wouldn’t say that the featured images I choose for my blog are astoundingly thought provoking but I do feel they match up with the general message of the the post. So it was kind of important for me to make sure those featured images were just that, featured. I changed the theme not long after and ended up with a stream of images linking the way to blog posts. I liked it but it wasn’t the most inviting so today it’s all been reworked.

I’m still featuring those images but there’s text too. It should be easier to navigate and I’ve added in a new feature. I’ve added a little widget in the side bar with a youtube video. It’ll change each week (as long as I remember) and it’s just for me to put up music that I feel like can be used to inspire writing. If anyone has a request for a particular mood I’ll try to make the next musical highlight helpful. Hopefully this’ll also make me less likely to over excitedly share my music obsession in the form of video filled posts… Unless of course you’re keen on those.

I hope you like the changes I’ve made.

S. Hansen


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