Covering Music

And so we come full circle back to not only my first topic but quite possibly my favourite topic. Music. I have what I’m pretty sure is zero musical talent. I have tried out a few musical instruments but my impatience means that never lasts long and my singing voice should probably be considered a form of torture. But I love music all the same. It transcends language barriers, tells a story with no words or few words and it gets those brain synapses firing like mad. Music can change your state of mind from stressed and anxious to calm and serene, it can start a party and it can form fast friendships.

So when I said before that music is a necessity for my writing I suppose it would have been more true to say that it is a necessity for my life. Another thing I said in my last post about music way back in October (On the subject of music) was that I tend to choose music that either has no lyrics or lyrics I don’t understand, so that I’m not distracted or influenced by them in my writing. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the lyrics are so perfect for what I’m trying to write that I can’t avoid writing along to it, imagining the scene playing out in my mind to that one set of lyrics. The only trouble is what do you do when you find the perfect lyrics with the wrong music?

Well good news. Those clever chaps that have that musical talent so illusive to me are wondrous people. People that cover songs and twist and shape the music to completely change the feel of the lyrics. They take a song with good lyrics for your writing and alter the music in such a way that the lyrics become great or better still, perfect. And to highlight this I wanted to share with you a few of my personal favourites. They aren’t necessarily songs that I listen to everyday, but they are covers that have completely transformed the original to the point where without the song title it can take you a few seconds to realise. At least it took me a little bit…

And because I don’t want them to all weirdly be covers of 80’s songs I better add another one…

Here’s another idea. Change the instruments. All of a sudden you have that recognisable tune with a different sound.

But there’s another great thing about music covers. I know, it’s somewhat hard to believe news, but I kid you not there’s more. Have you tried changing the genre? Listen to a song in a swapped genre and it’s like hearing a new song or at the very least hearing the song from a completely different place. I’ll just subtly leave a couple of good examples of this here….

I’m not totally sure how useful a lounge version of Britney Spears is for most of your writing but it makes my point…

… to be honest a fairly similar thing could be said of this Puppini Sisters cover.

So yeah, if you feel like you found that painfully almost perfect song for your writing inspiration don’t give up so quickly. Those few alterations might have already been made by some clever sausage. I think I’ve fairly shamelessly shared my music obsession with you again and you haven’t had a chance to get a word in edge ways so I should probably stop now and leave the comments section for your reply… if you have one.

S. Hansen



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