A little deflated but happier anyway.

Today was a good day. An old work colleague of mine got in contact with me recently and today we met to catch up on each others lives. It was perfect timing for me as you all know I’ve been struggling. This got me out the house and in better spirits than of late.

Then better still, when I got home I still have that motivation for my little 2d animation project. And boy is it going to take me a long time. I forgot just how many pictures go into making even the shortest sequence of movements. I’ve already thrown the digital route out the window because I just don’t have the software to do anything more impressive than stick figures. So far I have drawn about twenty frames… I tested it and it probably makes about two seconds of movement…


… that’s a little deflating.

And I didn’t get around to doing any editing for Closer To The Core today but as I’m not sleepy right now and really should be I guess I may be staying up later and doing some now. However, I’m generally in a much better mood and I think a lot of that has to do with me not only pushing through and doing more recently but also that I have been talking more about my struggles with depression. Thanks for reading, it helps me out a lot. I’m beginning to see the point in a diary but I just don’t think I’m up for that. Writing about it and talking to people fits me better.

S. Hansen

P.S. I always choose my featured image after I’ve written my post… Choosing Disney Princesses is  apparently something I’ve started doing. I don’t want to give you guys the wrong idea about me… I’m not really a Disney Princess…


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