So far, so good

My determination to continue on with my creative writing and this blog is going well, it has pushed me ahead of schedule with my editing. I have also been trying to get a bit more actively involved in the blogging community so I’m getting out there and reading more posts, liking more posts and commenting a tad more.

Yesterday I read a post that I just thought was wonderful. I have mentioned before that what draws me to reading and writing is a love of stories. Of course those stories need to be well told but well told doesn’t mean the author needs to get their thesaurus out and this post proved it. I’m hoping if I put a link here the author will accept my little request, so if you would like to read it here you go, A girl’s story. Then later in the day I heard a little tune that I felt fitted perfectly with the story, it was strange. It has somewhat inspired me to start thinking about a hobby I stopped quite some years ago for no reason other than laziness. When I was still at school I used to make these little 2d animations, they were just stick drawings I had done on Paint but there was something quite satisfactory about seeing all the painstaking work come together seamlessly. I’m not promising I’ll share what I get up to with it, mostly because it’s been a very long time since I did those stick figures and I am suddenly quite ambitious in my ideas for this new project (moving beyond stick figures could prove messy). But I am really pleased that something has sparked motivation in me.

It’s hard when you have been depressed for so long to know or remember exactly what it is you enjoy and the things that make you happy. It’s quite easy to lose your identity in that way, you can start to second guess whether your thoughts are yours or the dark invaders. I think I enjoy being creative, I think I like making things that are beautiful to look at. Although I also remember being a little shit in art classes. Perfectly polite to the teacher and all that but constantly testing her patience when it came to art appreciation. I used potato prints for an important piece of coursework… But I always liked colouring in and drawing little cartoons.

I’m going to try and keep on pushing through the tedium of editing my work on Closer To The Core, see if I can finally get around to finishing all the editing so I can focus more on the second book. At the very least focus on it enough to give it a title. 25,000 Light-Years: Book 2 isn’t very enticing at the moment. This should be possible as I seem to have a bit more free time at the moment on account of the fact I’ve recently started suffering from a spot of insomnia. Gotta look at the bright side of that one, yes I’m exhausted but look at all this free time I have…



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