Happy new period in time

I guess I should do the yay it’s the new year post. I don’t think I have really celebrated the new year with any kind of real enthusiasm since 2000. That one kind of seemed like a once in a lifetime thing that I should celebrate. I am assuming I won’t see another century tick over never mind a millennium. I’m a March baby so it kind of feels like actually I’m only 9 months of the way through a year technically. It’s also (if you live in the northern hemisphere) the coldest time of year to go out celebrating. It’s not because I’m a miserable grump I don’t think, I just stay up past midnight every night so it doesn’t really seem that special.

And when it comes to news years resolutions I just think ugh. If anyone was really going to do it they would have already, they don’t need a reason to make a change if it’s something they want to do.

On the other hand maybe it’s just me wading through a real low point in my current struggle with depression. If you know about depression you probably know that sometimes it’s worse than others. Sometimes you can kind of just wake up, put on that façade of a normal happy person and go about your day without anybody noticing the crushing sadness you’re harbouring inside. But other times (like I get to experience right now) it is much harder to just wake up, never mind get up and do the old jolly person song and dance. My motivation to do anything right now is seriously waning but I am determined to keep up with my blog and my creative writing. I think if I stopped it would just be another disappointment to make my depression worse. And also it’s apparently good to keep yourself active. It’s not exactly physically active but at least I’ll remain mentally active.

Although I like to keep my anonymity I want to actively talk about my struggles with mental health. I’m not the kind of person that has any kind of importance so my writing reaches very few people but the more people that open up the discussion on mental health the better. The less taboo the subject is and the less people feel like mental health issues are something to be embarrassed by. It’s a little weird that I am determined to help make it something you don’t have to hide while at the same time trying to pretend I am a “normal happy person” in my everyday life.

I suppose I just want to say that although I don’t celebrate new year or set myself new years resolutions I hope this year is a happy one for everyone. And anyone that is struggling can talk about it. I urge you to talk about it, whether it’s with a medical professional, a friend, a family member or a complete stranger (I will be that stranger if you need one) just starting that discussion will help. And for those of you who want to help people suffering the best advice I can give is to avoid clichéd advice and just be a good listener.



2 thoughts on “Happy new period in time

  1. This weather sucks when you’re battling depression. And to hell with whoever gave it an acronym S.A.D. I wish I had something to tell you, but you know, I don’t know you so what am I gonna say? “We all really care about you.” There isn’t an answer anyway, otherwise some therapist would be a billionaire. I can say that I used to deal with extreme depression, and I don’t anymore. Some life changes, and a whole lot of luck. My advice would be useless. But I remember that pull. Maybe it’ll come back. I know that for most people depression is a lifelong thing, and I don’t want to suggest there is some depression conversion therapy or anything like that, but it is possible to at least put it in remission. I don’t know how I did it, but I did. For the most part. I’m sure there’s still something there kicking.

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    1. Thanks, it does make a difference just to have someone say something positive. Which is kind of why I think it would be good if people talked about depression more.
      I’m really glad you managed to beat it, that’s a hard struggle that you should be proud of. Fingers crossed your done with depression for good.


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