Damn Litterers

Considering that in all likelihood I won't be there to witness it I spend perhaps too much time worrying about the inevitable destruction of Earth. But maybe it's a good thing, maybe I'm the sensible person here. My constant concern that humanity is a detriment to the survival of Earth as a sustainable ecosystem is …

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Anyone out there?

The question of whether we (as sentient beings) are alone in the universe seems to be one that fascinates and infuriates people across the globe. For some, religion plays a big determining factor and for others it's all about science. I like to think that I'm an open minded person but I also feel that …

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The little things

An exploration of humanity seems to be what we as readers search for. As humans we desperately search for explanation and understanding to what we are, why we are and if we are destined to repeat the past or rise up a better people. This exploration of humanity can be subtle or overt. It can ask the big questions on how humanity lives or it can present you with "true" characters that live "true" lives and experience those things we think of as innately human. I want to hope that I can do both. I want to think I can question the good of humanity and present characters that are "human".