I can be giving… if I want to

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas with family and friends and thus not actually reading this. But just in case you couldn’t spend the day with family or friends, or you would like a break from the chaos that is a busy family household today. My Christmas present to you should be about to release (assuming everything releases as I’ve scheduled it). Chapter six is only a small chapter but I’d hate to be a scrooge on Christmas and not give you anything. I did want to do a Christmas special but you just don’t know the characters well enough yet so I will sadly have to keep all those ideas for next year. I know it’s my fault you don’t them well enough because I only release fortnightly.

I will still continue to release the next chapter (Seven) as planned on the 29th of December, so it is just a gift without strings. As much as my writing can be considered a gift… I have suddenly realised that it sounds awfully boastful… My apologies as that was not my intent.

Anyway I hope you are all merry today whether you celebrate Christmas or not.



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