That busy time of year

So I’ve been a bit slow to update you all today but I do have a pretty good excuse. I have been hurriedly finishing off the last of my Christmas preparation before heading home for the big day. And as I will be away from my beloved computer and all of my writing I won’t be around to release my blog posts like normal. This means I have been tapping away on my keyboard putting all those blog posts together and setting up the schedule dates for them so that I don’t entirely abandon you all over the Christmas period.

I’ll still have my phone with me so I can still make any adjustments I need to and respond to anything you’d like me to but I’ll have none of my writing with me. I have of course then gotten myself ahead of schedule once again and have Chapter Six: Cold and Unforgiven ready to go at the right time. I’m also considering a few blog topics that I can bash out on my phone but if I do please forgive any glaringly obvious mistakes because I know my phone will auto correct something perfectly adequate to something that makes no sense what so ever.

The other thing that kept me busy today (aside from sleeping because I worked all night) was last minute shopping. It amazes me that I can have reached the age I have and managed to avoid leaving any shopping to the last minute before. So today was the first time I have stepped foot in a big supermarket with less than three days to go until Christmas. My life ambition has now changed. I now plan never to do that ever again.I have come up with an idea and I’m not sure how it’ll work but its a start. Shopping trolley driving licenses. I think they might help keep the aisles clear and my ankles uninjured.

Aside from that little bit of bah humbugging I am feeling very festive and hope you all are too. I am fortunate enough to have a German Christmas Market in my city of current residence which I love. Without wanting to get into anything too in depth I just want to send out my sympathies to those affected by the Berlin Christmas Market incident. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not I’m wishing you all a very merry holidays season.



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