Well this feels odd…

So it was almost two months ago that I started this blog and I have to say it still feels weird to write like this. Academically speaking you just about never use the word ‘I’ in your writing and creatively speaking I have only dabbled in first person narration. I also never kept a diary so no experience there either. I once had to write an essay that was an evaluation of my work and it just felt so wrong to say ‘I’ for a piece of academic work. It still feels wrong… Perhaps I should practice my first person narration to help make me more comfortable with it.

I have mostly shied away from writing first person narration because it confines the readers point of view to that of one solitary character. This is not to say that I don’t read first person narration, when it’s done well it can be really interesting to see a biased view of the world. When you look closer you begin to wonder whether the narration is a “true” relation of the events or “true” as far as the narrator is concerned. But it’s not my preference when writing because I very much enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from successfully interweaving characters lives across large amounts of time. I suppose it is for that very reason that I have been writing as an omniscient narrator for Closer to the Core. I am aiming and hoping to pull off a grand plan of universe creation which can only really be done with multiple view points.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Sir Terry Pratchett’s work with the Discworld novels in particular. He was able to create a world that wove seamlessly together from one novel to the next despite differing protagonists for each adventure. You could pick up any of his books and completely understand the story, find it entertaining and skillfully written. But if you have read more in the collection then you begin to notice references to characters/places/events that you found in other books and it brings a deeper meaning to the book but also really makes you feel as though the Discworld is a constantly changing and lively world. Sometimes an author creates a fantastic setting for their work but you can be left feeling as though nothing happens while you aren’t following the protagonist around or if the protagonist isn’t there to see it. It makes the world all of a sudden feel a little more two dimensional. I hope I have made a strong case for omniscient narration although it already seems to be the favoured narration style for most successful authors. And I suppose that’s also my way of excusing myself for not adjusting to the first person conversation style of blogging a little more comfortably.

I’m not totally happy with this blog post it seems a little clunky but at least I can give you a reminder that tomorrow’s chapter release for Closer to the Core is all ready to go and I hope you’ll enjoy reading A Dusting of White Lies.



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