Ahead of schedule but with some questions

I’m about a week ahead of schedule this time which is nice. I even came up with a name for the chapter relatively quickly this week (A Dusting Of White Lies). This is something that normally takes up almost as much time as the editing to be quite honest. The book has been pretty much written for a year but that permanence of naming always feels like too much responsibility for me. Naming the book itself took me a great deal of time and required a lot of umming and arring.

Perhaps I place too much importance on book titles and chapter titles, it’s actually something I’ve just this second decided to do a full blog post on. Not so much me placing importance on the titles but an exploration of whether they really are important.

Anyway, chapter five is all ready to go next week, which as ever seems like it’s too far away. Is it cruel of me to keep that fortnightly gap between chapters? Do you not really care all that much? Or is it about perfect for you for what ever reason you might have? Any and all feedback on that one will be accepted. It is hard for me to hold myself back and stop myself from sharing all my work in one ridiculous flurry of posts. If I did that I think the editing would probably be appalling and also it gives me time to work around everything else in my life.

I’m still looking for an artist who might be interested in doing a few illustrations, maybe just one a chapter. And I really want to get a book jacket design done because I think it’ll spur me on to finish all the editing so I can publish it on amazon. So if you happen to consider yourself an artist (especially one that enjoys spacescapes) or you have seen someone who does work you’d be willing to recommend please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also remember quite a long time ago I suggested that I might keep a music diary for anyone wanting to track my writing music through the novel. I didn’t really get any feedback positive or negative on that idea so I wasn’t sure whether to spend the time retracing my creative process back over the past eight years or so. But I am an author of my word so I’m still considering how to set something like that up on my blog that isn’t just messy and confusing. I’ll get around to it quicker if it’s something you are really interested in though.

So I guess this week my update has a lot of questions for you really. I’m one of those people that thrives in a good school type environment, where you do something and you get feedback, whether it be positive or negative. So it is odd for me to keep putting my work out there without more than the like button being hit. And I know you are busy people with your own stuff to do, I know that bloggers also have a tendency to read and like without necessarily commenting. But I really am trying to make a piece of literature you can engage with, something absorbing for that brief moment in your life when you get a chance to sit down and read. I want to help you head off on that journey away from Earth with Polly and Stark but most importantly I want this blog to be everything you want from a literature blog. So let me know what that is and I’ll see if I can make it happen.



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