This Week’s Update

I’ve been working a lot more lately which is pretty disappointing for a lazy procrastinator with an oddly strong work ethic like myself. I really don’t want to be working hence the laziness but I work hard when I am at work so I’m quite tired when not working. So all in all I have been tired over this past week and I’m not sure that can be considered good news for my hobby.

Never the less I have been working hard on finishing off the important editing of chapter four, which if you are interested will be titled The Worst Laid Plans. It’s a pretty lengthy chapter as seems to be usual for me and it’s almost completed. There is a section that I have been thinking about for months now (I have a tendency to think about sections without altering for long periods of time) that needs to changing. The stumbling block is something I’ll consider talking about more once more chapters have been released because at the moment I risk it being a spoiler although not a particularly overt spoiler.

I’m hoping that so far you have been enjoying the direction I have been headed with science fiction, particularly as I have a lot of reservations about my own work. My crippling anxiety kicks in and I question my ability to write, my creativity, whether I have inadvertently plagiarised and numerous other worries. I suppose my biggest worry is that as I have so many ideas for this universe (I kind of have another 5 or 6 books worth of interweaving plot lines thought out) that I am scared this novel will end up being boring because it’s all set up and no action. I fortunately (sometimes it’s not so fortunate) have a large number of siblings and I use them to read through my work. Those that have read it assure me there is action enough but for some reason I still really worry.

I am sure I’m not the only writer to ever suffer from these kinds of anxieties and to be honest I really just need to suck it up but I would love to get some feedback from someone who isn’t related to me. Comment or message me if you have the time.



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