Tomorrow’s Chapter

First of all apologies that the title of this blog post sounds like a terrible band name but my brain is done with creativity for today.

Secondly I forgot to mention in any previous posts that not only is the upcoming chapter called ‘A Pretty Swanky Do’ but also a bit of a warning that it is nearly 8000 words so it is by no means a short chapter. I did think about breaking it up into two chapter but then I thought ‘nah I’m the author I do what I want’ or some such thing.

So some further apologies if you are enjoying my writing and my chapters just seem to be getting longer and longer and less readable in between doing what ever else you like to fill your day with. But you can have it on good authority that there is only one other chapter quite that long (Chapter Seven for anyone particularly interested).

It’ll publish tomorrow at 10:00 UTC and I hope you all enjoy.



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