Getting hung up on the little things

So I’m half way through my fortnight and very aware that next week comes time to publish another chapter. In an unusual turn of events for me I have completely finished and edited the next chapter already. I’m normally much better at procrastinating. I’m wondering if I’m unwell because I’m the kind of idiot who left school essays and assignments to the night before their due date.

But the good news is as I am ahead of schedule it’s giving me plenty of time to vacantly stare at my screen getting hung up on all the little things that are driving me insane. I refuse to allow room for plot holes. I read a book called The Thirty-nine Steps by John Buchan not so long ago. If you like a good spy thriller it’s a great short novel to read as it’s one of the first in the genre but I would definitely forewarn you that it is riddled with plot holes. I can’t stand them, probably because I want everything resolved nice and neatly.

I’m reluctant to spill the beans on all the plot points I’ve been working on lately simply because they would inevitably be massive spoilers. But I will say that I have been struggling to come to grips with language. Chapter three sees the introduction of an alien language and with that comes a tonne of work for me. (Why do I do this to myself?) For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to have a fixed language for this particular alien race. I’m sure you can imagine the difficulties involved with that but just in case you are sat there wondering what I’m whining about here’s a run down of things to consider when making up a language.

  • The alphabet choice
  • The language sound – mostly for consistency
  • Sentence structure and word order
  • Constantly having to translate a language I’m not that familiar with
  • Creating hundreds of words (I could have said thousands but I won’t lie and say I have created an entire language. I’ve created a bunch of words for the language in order to translate)

On that whole I think I have gotten to grips with most of these but the choice of sentence structure and word order is nagging away at me.

There have been a few other things bothering me that are more matters of plot consistency. So I really can’t go into those today sadly.

Long story short, I’m working hard on Chapter Three right now and I’m ready to release Chapter Two: Meeting a Greek Goddess next week on schedule.

Don’t hesitate to comment or contact me with the Contact page if you have any queries or you just want to discuss sci-fi, literature, any of my blog topics etc.



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