On the subject of music

I’m not sure how all you other readers and writers feel about music but for me its a necessity. Thanks to my relative anonymity I don’t mind telling you I suffer from depression which can make it hard to write well or really connect with what I’m reading. True many artistic types are depressed but you release an album of sorrowful ballads or a collection of saddening paintings and there’s not really much of a problem, in fact it’s considered well put together and cohesive. A well rounded book on the other hand should have highs and lows or it’s just tedious. And even if that weren’t the case how can I be true to my characters if I simply channel myself all the time.

Music is my work around. I try to keep a completely open mind to music so that whatever the genre or mood I have music that evokes just the right emotions. I find music to be such a good story telling form that the words sometimes write themselves as I listen. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have suddenly figured out how to continue my writing simply because I happened to listen to the right piece of music.

This openness to genre being said I do tend to stick with pieces of music with few or no lyrics (at least lyrics I understand). Simply because I get distracted by them. Never fear though because that leaves an absurdly large amount of music wide open if you like me are distracted by lyrics.

I’m really interested in finding out how everybody else feels about music when reading and writing so comment whether you want to gush about some music, halfheartedly agree or flat out argue about the value of combining music and literature. I’d like to get a discussion going on this topic s0….

Don’t worry I’m not expecting anyone to sit through a 13 minute classical piece, just about 50 seconds. It should be set up to play from 2:48 for you but if not there’s your starting point. It’s not a piece I have used yet but I’ve got big plans for this one getting me through a certain scene. I’ll be gobsmacked if it doesn’t conjure some imagery to mind for anyone, even more so if no one has even come across the piece before.

As I’m somewhat of a procrastinator and I hate editing I have recently been avoiding editing 25000 Light-years: Closer To The Core in favour of starting the second book. And as a little teaser as to what is to come here’s what I’ve been listening to most…

And finally for any of you are wanting to match up the music with writing I’ve already shared (it’s tough for me to think back as far as when I wrote chapter one) I originally wrote the fight stalking and fight scene between Stark and Mazar whilst listening to Lindsey Stirling’s Shadows, but its been rewritten a fair amount since then and now it’s got more of a Gotan Project feel to it (I hope)

I’m thinking about keeping a better log of what music I listen to for each section of writing so that you can listen to the music as you read if you so choose. Hopefully you’re eager to share your inspiration with me and get a discussion going on what other art forms can bring to literature.



3 thoughts on “On the subject of music

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  2. Joonas Kopponen

    Music is really important for me too! Sometimes helps me focus so much when I am doing something.. Like uhm my dirty past of playing online video games, getting 72 kills and zero deaths in WoW battleground, 2000 rating in 2v2 arenas solo, so 1v2 (both as shadowpriest in the burning crusade expansion) and many other pvp (especially duels) and pve awesome moments I have had were with music. Most of the good ‘solo memories’ are infused with music. Then sometimes nowadays it helps with sports and such, with writing I have not used it yet. Then there is music linked to so many other kind of memories…. Many very sad and many happy.

    Interesting post! :>

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