My home, the internet.

So I have been working on the same novel for the better part of eight years… In my defence I have pretty much finished it and have plot points planned out for a further five books in the series. But if we’re being totally honest, I feel I can be honest with you, you seem nice… I am cripplingly afraid of failure. A few months ago I came so very close to publishing on Amazon but somehow I found a way to talk myself out of it. In this I am sure I am not alone.

Despite this I am spurred on by my hopeful belief that the universe my peculiar mind has created is interesting. I am unwilling to leave this work to languish on my computer, I have spent far too much of my working life daydreaming about plot points and character development. I am sure my previous employers would be heartbroken to learn that all that wasted work time, for which I was paid, amounted to nothing…

So I turn to you my trusted friend, the internet. For what seems like most of my life the internet has been my main source of entertainment, perhaps it’s time I entertained back.

I present to you my adventure romp through space. I hope you enjoy the journey through 25000 Light-years with Stark, Polly and perhaps many more. As I’ve only to make a few alterations to a number of the chapters I should be able to upload chapter by chapter in fairly steady progression but I’m still undecided on how large the intervals should be.



One thought on “My home, the internet.

  1. Joonas Kopponen

    Just read the introduction and the first chapter, I do enjoy sci-fi and your version seems interesting. I will be reading it! Definately agree with the decision of bringing it out to the world! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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